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Happy Valentines Day

Womb Wellness Retreat in Nicaragua

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Booking A Yoni Steam Session

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CBD Infused Vegan Body Care

We can't sale our CBD products online but we can send an invoice... Hit our link below.

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The Currently Evolving Family

Currently Evolving Family

Feminine Care is a very personal subject, so when I starting my business I wanted to be able to speak directly to the customer and educate them on plant based feminine products. I could answer any question Instead if being just an online brand. I wanted to create a space for trust educate and empower. This open environment gives a certain comfort level to the customer. Connecting with you all week after week filled my heart.

               -Thank You Krina 

Plant Based Feminine Care

We only use natural ingredients our products. Beautiful essential oils and healing herbs. Mother Earth has provided all the natural medicines we need that's works with our eco system. It's time to wavy good by to products with chemicals, fragrance & by product. 

#1 Feminine Wash

Yoni Oil

For years I have been ordering Luvena because of my hysterectomy, and it’s very pricy . However, after using the Yoni Oil on my womb, I haven’t required nor needed Luvena. I also have found it to be very useful in other areas including the insides of my legs, under my stomach (yes, I have rolls!) and it’s improved those areas! I also haven’t had another bacterial infection since using this oil in combination with the mist/wash. I will purchase again!

Melinda W

Hair Growth Oil

Kia S

Ball Deep Manscape Review

Kevin L

Yoni Oil

S. Reed

Yoni Oil

Cassandra C

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