Collection: Herbs/Singing Bowls

Herbs and Botanics strengthen and support the natural system of the body.

Herbs are medicine a gift from Mother Nature and should be treated as such.

Herbs boost the immune system with their antioxidant properties that protect cells from being damaged.


Herbal medicine returns the body to its natural alignment so that it can heal itself.


Incorporating some or all of the different ways to go plant-based, or to start using nontoxic products will help you become more energetic, build a healthy immune system, make healthier lifestyle choices, and reduce your carbon footprint.


Herbs help reduce

* AntiTumor properties

* Heart disease

* Cancer

* Diabetes

* Lower Blood Pressure

* Control Blood Sugar

* Rich in Antioxidants

the list goes on and on.


Herbs are easier to obtain and cost-effective, most herbs you can easily grow yourself at home.

So get to planting.