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Crochet Yoni Towel (single)

Crochet Yoni Towel (single)

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Our handmade crochet washcloths are organic and made with natural cotton. These washcloths are for your yoni and specifically made to pamper her.
Often women wash all over with one cloth. We suggest using a clean cloth every time you wash your yoni. Or cleanse using your hands. In the self-care routine, I’m introducing a luxury Yoni washcloth made with love!

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What Is the Self Love Bundle

The self love bundle helps you try our top three products at once. These products are number from 1-3 using in that order.

How does it work.

All products must ne shaken before use. Completely wet your yoni cloth and ring out about 80% of the water. This is a gentle hypollergic foam cleanser and a little foam goes a long way.

Yoni Oil -add dime size amount of oil on your hands and rub the outer labia and vulva area.

Mist- When you get a little sweaty or have vaginal odor the yoni mist will immediately freshen the yoni leaving you confident all day.

Does the Wash, Oil or Mist have Fragrance?

No. we are a chemical free and vegan