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Everlasting Set

Everlasting Set

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Our [Everlasting] set is designed to give you more. It comes with a 8oz Yoni Wash, 16 oz Yoni Wash Refill, and a 4oz Yoni Oil that’s guaranteed to last 6 months plus.

4oz Yoni Oil - Yoni oil, also known as vaginal oil or intimate oil, is a natural and plant-based product that is specifically formulated for the care and nourishment of the vaginal area. Here are some potential benefits of using yoni oil.

8oz Yoni Wash - Plant-based feminine wash, also known as natural or organic feminine wash, offers several benefits for individuals looking for a gentle and eco-friendly option for their intimate hygiene. Here are some of the benefits of using plant-based feminine wash

16oz Refill - 



See self love set for more details. 

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The Everlasting Set gives you more products with less shipping.
This bundle comes with a 16 oz Yoni Wash, 8 oz Yoni Wash and a 4oz Yoni Oil and should last about three to four months, 4oz oil may last six months.

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Shipping takes 7-10 business days total.

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