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Yoni Detox Pearls

Yoni Detox Pearls

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Detox pearls are an Ancient healing method used for over five thousand years. The pearls consist of natural herbal ingredients that are 100% plant-based. These herbs support proper female reproductive organs and prevent severe issues; they detox yoni pearls and purge the womb of toxins and scar tissue. 
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Benefits of Detox Pearls
kills bacteria  - removes inflammation - restores elasticity - increases pleasure & orgasms - removes odor - firms and tightens - rid mucus  improves grip and yoni strength - increased blood flow

The number of pearls suggested :

(3) Pearls - Trial Pack

(6)Pearls - Vaginal Dryness, Infertility, Irregular Bleeding, Endometriosis

(9)Pearls - Yeast Infections, Vaginal Odor, Vaginal Itching, Urinary Infections

(12)Pearls - Bacterial Vaginosis, Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Heavy Menstrual Cramping/Pain

(15)Pearls - Cysts

(48)Pearls - Fibroids


DO NOT TAKE BATH; Showers are recommended for this detox process

Do not use if the hymen is still intact (virgins), breastfeeding, or pregnant women.

Detailed Instructions for Deep Cleanse

1. Begin with a clean hand and Clean Yoni

2. Insert three pearls as close to the cervix as possible using the most extended finger or applicator

3. Leave pearls in for 72 hrs and; wear an organic pantie during this process (3 days)

4. Remove pearls after 72 hours.

7. Discharge will be present for 72hrs after use; wear an organic pantie liner. It will take up to three days after all discharge to secrete from your vagina. 

Sensitive or Routine Cleanse

1. Insert 1-2 pearls as close to the cervix as possible

2. Leave pearls in for 72 hrs 

3. Follow steps 3-5 of Deep Cleanse

When to use it? 2-3 days after menses (cycle) has ended, or at least ten days before your menstrual begins. 

Please Drink Plenty of Water 64 Oz to aid in the removal of toxins from your womb center.

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What Is the Self Love Bundle

The self love bundle helps you try our top three products at once. These products are number from 1-3 using in that order.

How does it work.

All products must ne shaken before use. Completely wet your yoni cloth and ring out about 80% of the water. This is a gentle hypollergic foam cleanser and a little foam goes a long way.

Yoni Oil -add dime size amount of oil on your hands and rub the outer labia and vulva area.

Mist- When you get a little sweaty or have vaginal odor the yoni mist will immediately freshen the yoni leaving you confident all day.

Does the Wash, Oil or Mist have Fragrance?

No. we are a chemical free and vegan